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Janome MC-6300P Sewing Machine

Janome MC-6300P Professional Heavy Duty Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing is more than just a useful skill; it is an art that requires dedication, attention to detail, and an extreme amount of patience. If you are skilled in the art of sewing, but are looking to take your creations to the next level, then you may want to start by buying a new machine for sewing. While the product we will review here is certainly one of the pricier options, many would claim that it is wholly worthwhile.

This is our review of the Janome MC-6300P Professional Heavy-Duty Computerized Quilting Sewing Machine.

About the Janome MC-6300P

The Janome MC-6300P is not for beginners, but those who have been sewing for years and are looking to achieve additional speed, power, and precision in their sewing endeavors. Created by the Janome America, the company has been manufacturing high-quality and reliable machines for years. It’s most famous product line is the Memory Craft, which this product is a member. The Memory Craft product line is revolutionary in its approach to sewing. With this line, you are able to achieve the ultimate and technologically-savvy sewing experience.

For instance, with Memory Craft products such as the Janome MC-6300P, sewists are able to send designs and monitor stiches using their personal computer or iPad and embroidery can be monitored in real-time. With these features, your sewing experience becomes more powerful and effortless, just like it should be.

The Ideal User

Not all machines are the same and neither are the sewists who operate such machines. The Janome MC-6300P is a highly technological product. As a result, you need to consider whether the product comports with your sewing needs. Essentially, the product is not ideal for the sewist who enjoys the manual process and experience of sewing or who needs to meet sewing deadlines. The ideal user is the sewist who is running a business, is looking for a more convenient sewing process, or who does not enjoy manual sewing functions.

While it would be nice to say that anyone is the ideal buyer, that just is not the case here. This product is very specific in its abilities and fear not – if you enjoy less technological products, there are some wonderful ones on the market for you too.

Product Features

The Janome MC-6300P has a number of excellent features that can really amp any sewing experience. Here are the main features attributed to this product:

A Heavy Duty Model

The first feature to be aware of is this is a heavy-duty product. This essentially means that the product is meant to last and for a long time. The heavy-duty bed and frame is made entirely of metal. With metal features, the product not only lasts longer, but it is able to sew at extremely high speeds, thereby cutting down sewing time. Best of all, despite the high speed, the product is able to main impressive precision and quality.

Top Drop-In Bobbin

The second feature worth mentioning is the top drop-in bobbin. While many machines include this feature, not all do. So, if it is something that you are looking for in a sewing machine, then you are in luck. The bobbin widener runs on a separate motor than the machine itself, which means that the machine can handle separate tasks at different times.

Separate Buttons for Stitch Length and Width

To ensure that your sewing is precise and at the exact width and length that you want it to be at, the machine also features separate buttons for stitch length and width. This is a very nice feature that really does come in handy on a variety of projects.

66 Built-In Stitches

The machine also features 66 built-in stitches, which also includes 4 buttonholes that can be completed in one step. There is a 9 inch sewing space to the machine and a numerous control features. With the high level of control available, you can ensure that you are comfortable with the entire stitching process.

Perfect for Large Quilts

For those who need to sew especially large quilts, this machine is the perfect tool. It is known for its ability to handle large quilts and heavy materials. There is also a knee lifter that allows you to lift the pressure foot and the built-in thread cutter. These features make the entire process much easier and less stressful for a hobby quilter.

The Advantages

  • Excellent precision and speed
  • The perfect quilting machine
  • Very easy to use
  • Manual is simple to follow
  • Powerful motor
  • Top-loading bobbin is a favorite feature

The Disadvantages

  • The machine is heavy
  • Need some power to set it up
  • Does not feature monogram stitches
  • The price is high

The advantages and disadvantages above are reflective of user experiences. Many of the individuals who have bought and used the machine were looking into learning about quilting basics for beginners and while this is a pretty advanced machine, it is still a wonderful learning utensil. Most importantly, it makes quilting easy and fun.


Finally, the product is very easy to use. This makes it perfect for beginners and advanced sewists alike. To start using the machine, you may need to go over the manual a few times to make sure that you know how each component works. While this may seem like a daunting experience, it actually comes in handy if you want to make use of the entire machine and all of its great features. Another consideration to take into account with this machine is while it does have a sewing light, it can be a bit dim compared to other machines. Therefore, you should add another light to your space so that you can see well as you are sewing.


Overall, the verdict on this machine is that it is highly recommended. While the machine certainly is one of the priciest options on the market, it is well worth the investment, especially if you are looking for a machine that will last for years to come. In many cases, the company will also issue you a refund if you return the product due to technical issues. For those of you who are interested in purchasing this wonderful product, you can find it here.

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