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Christmas and Holiday Season Quilting Kits

It’s finally that time of the year. The time where half your Facebook friends started celebrating Christmas two weeks ago and the other half refuses to do so until after Thanksgiving (remember? The holiday between Halloween and Christmas?) Wherever you stand on the Christmas divide, it’s almost here so it’s time to take a look at some holiday-themed quilting patterns for you to work on in the cold winter month to come. Even if it’s your first patchwork blanket, making Christmas themed quilts can be a great holiday tradition.

Winter’s Eve Quilt Kit

This stunning pattern offers quilters a holiday-neutral option. Composed primarily of different shades of blue, “Winter’s Eve” depicts a pleasant image of a quaint, small town on a cold, winter’s day broken up by giant snowflakes.

The kit is available on Keepsake quilting for only 89.99. The completed blanket will be 48’’ x 63’’ and is the perfect pattern to start a new holiday tradition by teaching your children how to patchwork.

Create an Advent Tree with the Precious Pattern

If you’re looking for a pattern with a lot more “Christmas” to it, then Shabby Fabrics has plenty of kits for you to choose from. One such pattern is the Farmhouse Threads Advent Tree pattern.

Advent Trees are a fun tradition to do with your significant other or to start with your children. This pattern not only a fun project to work on the week of Thanksgiving (to help reduce the stress of cooking, that is) and will remind you of the fun you used to have counting the days until Santa arrived. This pattern can be purchased from Shabby Fabrics for 8.00. The finished product measures at 28’’ x 46’’.

Or, you can create a usable Advent Calendar. This is a fun way to create a personalized calendar to countdown the days until Santa arrives. The completed design measures at 26”x26” which makes it the perfect piece for your kitchen or living room wall. You can then fill up the pockets with your candy of choice

Vintage Tree Farm Kit

If you come from a long line of quilters and want something that will take you back to working on projects with your mother or grandmother, you might consider buying the Vintage Tree Farm quilt. It’s classic pattern and colors are reminiscent of those projects your grandmother or great grandmother may have completed years ago and are waiting for you to add to the collection.

Even if you’re the first quilter in the family, the Vintage Tree Farm Kit will remind you of another Christmas tradition: picking out your tree. Finding the perfect tree whether you get one fresh or buy a fake tree, it’s still the centerpiece of many homes during December (or, November and December if you want to be realistic). With this kit, you can capture that magic in 63 squares.

Is a Blanket too Much? Try Quilting an Ornament!

Keepsake Quilting offers a lot more than blanket quilts. So, if you’re looking for a small project to take on during your time off from work, why not try making an ornament? This pattern is perfect for beginners as it comes with a preprinted pattern and everything else you need to make a new ornament for your Christmas Tree that will hang for many years to come. This is also a great kit for someone interested in starting quilting or embroidery.

These are just some examples of the many great holiday Christmas quilts you can make. Making a patchwork blanket over the holidays is a great tradition to start with your family. There is nothing better to do while it’s snowing outside than to spread out your craft on the floor or table and work in front of a warm fire (or space heater). These are only a few of the patterns you can make over the Christmas holidays. These designs are perfect and fun for any level of expertise. The quilts you make over Christmas are something you will be able to hang onto through the years and pass on to your children. Take the time to get started on a new family tradition before the snow starts falling.

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