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Christmas Star Quilt
Gail Cena's Christmas Star Quilt.

5 Fun Quilting Kits for Advanced Quilters

While beginners are learning to love the convenience and ease of quilting kits, you might be surprised to know how popular they are with experienced quilters. Kits designed for advanced quilters often combine techniques and complicated patterns in order to make breathtaking quilts. Some contain paper piecing for added interest. Like all kits, they offer the advantage of including all fabrics required for the quilt top so that your quilt can look exactly or very close to the one pictured.
If you’re looking for a worthwhile investment and a quality challenge, you might be interested in seeing what’s available for expert quilters.
Brilliant Beauties of Joy
This quilt is for expert quilters and includes paper piecing. Bright rainbow batik fabrics dance across a black background with black and white inner borders and a star print for accents. This is a very contemporary looking quilt with lots of curves that are easier to put together than you’d think.
This quilt is over 6.5 feet square, and requires backing, batting, notions, and optional crystal packs.

Compass Roses Quilt Kit
This quilt kit contains plenty of medallions and gorgeous wide borders in bright fabrics on a black background. It also requires foundation piecing/paper piecing, and comes with lots of different fabrics from the JRJ Handspray Collection to create the pattern. It’s over 7.5 feet square, and requires 8.5 yards of backing fabric, as well as batting and notions.

Summer Dream
Another quilt designed to show off batiks, this is also an expert pattern with large, diamond inner borders, a center medallion, and lots of room to show off the background batik pattern. You will need paper piecing skills, as well as other quilting standards. Though the kit includes all pieces required for the quilt top, you will need backing, batting, and notions, including the optional crystal pack.

Amazon Star
This quilt is similar to a Lone Star quilt but with a lot of border detail. It’s done in assorted batiks. The quilt is over 8.5 feet square. Like most kits, this quilt includes all the fabric required for the quilt top but needs the backing, batting, and notions.

Eclipse Quilt Kit
This quilt kit involves a lot of curves and particular piecing for a giant center spiraling medallion. The background is white, the color theme is rainbow, and it contains several overlapping borders. Much of the intricate work is managed by paper piecing, and instructions are included. The kit contains everything required for the top, including 17.75 yards of fabric for the top alone. Batting, backing, and notions will be required. This kit requires less skill than some of the others in this list.

If you’re looking for quality quilting kits for experienced quilters, there are good places to look all over the web. Hopefully these examples will help you see what types of kits are available so you can plan your next project. Feel free to explore more of Quilting Ace for more project ideas for every skill level.

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