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Top Fabrics to Use for Your 2016 Fourth of July Quilt

The Fourth of July is a very patriotic holiday, as individuals and families gather to remember how our country was founded. As part of that patriotic holiday, some individuals reflect on the arts that were employed during the early years of our country, including handcrafted items. Quilts are one of those handicrafts that have grown in popularity as a hobby for individuals around the country. Perhaps you have decided that for this Fourth of July, you would like to create your own symbolic quilt. This guide will help you find the best fabrics for your 2016 Fourth of July quilt.

If you are just beginning your quilting adventure, it might also be wise to consult our Quilting Basics for Beginners article before you get started.

Choosing a Fabric

When it comes to choosing a fabric, you will want one that can be manipulated to meet the design of a flag or the colors, stars and stripes of a traditional flag. Therefore, you will want to look in the holiday section of your local fabric store. They can offer you a variety of choices, but you will want to be sure that the fabric you use will fit the pattern that you have chosen for your quilt. To understand the variety of patterns available, just take a moment to look on Pinterest. The possibilities are really endless.

If a fabric or craft store is not near your area, consider online shopping. Various fabric stores put their offerings online, allowing you to match your fabric choice easily to your pattern. Based on the size of your quilt, the online store can price out, measure and send you the right amount of necessary fabric. You can also purchase the batting and even choose a fabric for the back of your quilt. In figure one, you can see an example of the type of holiday fabric available online for the Fourth of July.

chevron_quilting_patternFigure 1


Figure 2

Figure 1 is known as a Chevron pattern. It is available at Fabric.com, an online fabric and craft supply store. This particular fabric has the red, white and blue colors that are associated with the U.S. flag and the Fourth of July holiday, as well as the striping and stars. Depending on your pattern, it can provide a nice point in your overall design.

Another option is to use a fabric that already incorporates the flag into its design. Figure 2 is a great example, known as the Waving Flag. This particular design incorporates the American flag as it might be seen waving in the wind from a flag pole. Again, depending on your pattern, this particular fabric can give just the right patriotic touch. Of course, you can make your pattern as complicated or simple as you would prefer for this particular holiday.

Fabric Combinations Based on Your Pattern Choice

There are also combinations of fabric that you can use to create your Fourth of July quilt. Some of these include stars, stripes or other flag patterns. If you are unsure about the type of pattern that you would like to use, the Beginners Quilting Lessons 101 can provide some great pattern options for your holiday quilt. Some of the simplest use a 3 to 5 color pattern, which makes it easier for beginners to follow. However, there are more complicated patterns available, both online and at your local craft store. If this is not your first quilt, but is your first holiday quilt or complicated pattern, then it might be worth considering joining a local quilting group to provide assistance as you embark on this holiday quilt.

Keep in mind that this type of quilt could also make a beautiful handmade gift for a current or former military service person, as a way of honoring their service to our country on this special national holiday.


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