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Pre-Cut Moda Fabric
Moda Pre-Cut Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarter packs. Picture by Alexander Lissa.

5 Great Quilt Pattern Ideas Using Moda Pre-Cut Fabrics

Pre-cut fabrics offer several benefits. They’re an excellent way for companies to showcase coordinating fabric sets that take all the guesswork out of matching fabrics for a quilt top. Being pre-cut saves you a lot of time not only in the cutting process but also helps avoid mis-cut quilting pieces, which can cause problems during assembly. While Moda’s Bakeshop was one of the initial packagers of pre-cut fabrics, other fabric companies have jumped on the idea, giving quilters even more variety.
Quilters are used to fat quarters, and coordinated fat quarter packs, but now they can have conveniently packaged, coordinated fabric strips and pieces in several sizes making quilting more fun and taking less time.
If you have a quilter in your life and you’ve wondered whether or not getting them a jelly roll or pack of fat quarters is more cute than beneficial, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know how convenient this gift idea is.
What can people make with pre-cut fabrics? Anything from quilts to home décor items to sewing projects. Since this is a quilting site, we’ll focus on our favorite quilt projects that you should try yourself.
The Patterns

Charming Wonky Diamonds Quilt

This quilt is cute and fun, and while it’s moderately difficult, it’s actually fairly easy to make. The pattern involves multi-fabric mismatched diamonds on a sea of white. The pattern does work best in bright fabrics, as shown at the link.

Framed – A Modern Baby Quilt
This quilt is considered easy, and uses mini charm packs in order to make the accent square on the quilt. It offers a lot of visual appeal without being overwhelming, which is interesting to babies as well as functional. The fact that the unique fabrics are contained in a small portion of the quilt while the rest of the quilt is all a solid color and fabric will make piecing much easier.

Jewel Toss
This quilt uses charm packs to make a Jewel Box pattern quilt top inset in a larger, off-center single-fabric quilt. This is a more modern take on quilting, in that you have a section that is pieced but easy to assemble, and it’s all inset in single color fabric. However you choose to stitch this quilt, there are great ways to get creative by drawing attention to the borders or adding more complicated stitching patterns in one section or the other. There’s nothing wrong with using the same stitches across the entire quilt to draw the entire quilt together as well. This is another easy pattern, so don’t be afraid to tackle it even if you aren’t very skilled.

Noteworthy Labyrinth
This jelly roll quilt can be assembled in different ways giving different looks to the quilt, but the standard way is just fine. Though the pattern looks complicated, it’s actually easier than plenty of the patterns on the site. Deceptively simple quilts are some of the best ways to showcase your work.

Star Bright Quilt
This is a contemporary log cabin quilt assembled using a jelly roll of coordinating fabrics. There are plenty of styles and colors this type of quilt can be made in, if you’re creative enough. You can even consider a black background if you’re choosing a jelly roll that works well with it. This is another easy project, so don’t be afraid to dive in.

There are plenty of ways to use pre-cut fabrics for all skill levels of quilting projects. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and there isn’t anything wrong with sharing the love by giving packs to other quilters, either. Stay on Quilting Ace for more project ideas and tips to keep you quilting!

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