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Quilts for Love Birds

If you know someone who has an upcoming wedding, then it’s obvious what your gift should be- gorgeous heirloom quilt! You, a crafty quilter, have been seeing tons of cute wedding quilts online and you’re ready to dive in–provided you have enough time, of course. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to get your quilt done! Particularly if you have a busy schedule, you may want to start planning weeks or months in advance!

While you are giving this as a wedding gift, and the temptation might be to make a romantic quilt covered in hearts and doves, that won’t actually hold up in the long term. The purpose of a wedding quilt isn’t just to make a romantic statement–it’s a functional piece of furniture that should be used! So, make sure when you make your quilt that it’s not something that is only appropriate on Valentine’s Day. Most couples who actually use handmade gifts aren’t the type to love cheesy love overtures.

Determine the Use

At the same time, make sure you consider the purpose of your quilt and you let the happy couple know what it’s for. A wall hanging is going to be constructed a little differently than a bedspread or lap quilt, so don’t assume your couple will know unless either of them is also an experienced quilter!

Make it usable as well! Use quality fabrics and good batting that can hold up to some abuse. Your loved ones will appreciate it as a good, well-made quilt can be passed on to that couple’s children later on! Memory quilts often become beloved heirlooms that are appreciated for years down the line.

Look through a few contemporary quilting blogs and you’ll see tons of quilts your young lovers are sure to adore! Modern quilts feature a bit more applique and often use unique designs and themes to create quilts that aren’t just cozy–they’re legitimate works of art! Traditional wedding quilts can easily be updated for the modern day though, like the super popular double wedding ring quilt. This timeless favorite is a gorgeous, though highly advanced pattern that is best tackled by experienced quilters.

Consider the Couple

Consider the couple that you’re making the quilt for! While many couples are happy to receive any handmade gift, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you personalize the quilt to their tastes! Are they interested in sports? Do they both have similar interests, or the same job? Are they artsy? Hippie-dippy? Better yet, can they give you some material that has meaning to them, like t-shirts, denim or corduroy jeans, or even bolts of fabric? A cute idea for blended families would be to incorporate items of clothing from each member of the family to symbolize their union.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some cute patterns to get you going!

This Monogram Bunting Quilt from Waterpenny.Net is a great idea for the unique, fun-loving bride and groom.

Here’s a tutorial on making a monogram quilt block to add to your next wedding quilt.

This gorgeous, minimalist quilt works best with a solid color background and various prints of smaller pieces of fabric as the ring.

This lovely, traditional double wedding ring quilt is sure to impress! Make sure to write your name on it so that they will always remember who gave it to them!

A great way to make your gift communal is to make a signature quilt! Signature quilts are all the rage, and are great for couples who want to remember everyone who helped them make their big day truly special.

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