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Mother’s Day Quilting Gift Ideas

Does your mom love to quilt, or is it a favorite hobby that you share together? If so, a quilting-related item can make a thoughtful, personalized gift for her this Mother’s Day. Consider one of the seven ideas below for your own mother or any quilt-loving moms in your life.

Cutting Tools

Proper cutting tools are a must-have item that can speed up and add precision to quilting projects. Mom may appreciate a gift such as an updated rotary cutter, a rotary cutting mat, or a rotary ruler.


A thread set is another practical gift idea that quilting moms will love. High quality threads can be expensive, and mom may not feel comfortable splurging on herself. Treat her to a designer thread collection, such as an Aurifil thread box, which comes curated in sets perfect for binding or piecing, or specially matched to designer fabric collections.

Gift Certificate

If you aren’t sure what tools or fabric mom might need, consider getting her a gift certificate to a local specialty fabric or craft store. This will feel much more personalized than a gift certificate to a random department store. Make it even more special by offering to accompany her to the store, and make it a mini girls’ day out. If you know nothing about quilting, this would be a great time to learn more about your mom’s hobbies and perhaps forge a deeper bond with each other.

Witty Novelty Items

If your mom has a great sense of humor, consider gifting her a mug or tee with a funny quilting-related saying. This is also a great, low-cost gift for other moms in your life, such as coworkers or friends. Etsy has lots of fun handmade items with big personality. From this mug imprinted with “In my dreams, fabric is free and quilting makes you thin,” to this “quilty as charged” T-shirt, there’s a gift for every fun-loving quilting mom.


Quilting books can be a great place to get inspiration for new projects or learn new techniques. They are a wide range of titles that can make a great gift for new beginners and serious hobbyists alike. Check Amazon for listings of best sellers, new releases, and the most gifted titles.

Handmade Gifts

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Consider making a simple handmade gift that incorporates elements of quilting or sewing. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew. Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, you can find simple projects, such as decorative pillows or fabric wall art that will fit perfectly in your mom’s work space.


For a busy mom, some quiet time to enjoy her quilting may best gift of all. Consider doing something for mom that will free up her schedule for quilting. This could involve cleaning the house, doing her errands, caring for the pets, or anything that will allow her some guilt-free hours to dive into her latest quilting project.

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