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Memory Quilts and How to Display Them

Memory quilts are works of art meant to display and represent specific times in a person’s life or memories that they want commemorated in a unique and timeless way. A memory quilt is a truly special piece of art that you will love for years to come, and under the right circumstances they can become heritage items that will be passed down from one family to another.

How and Where to Display

How you display your memory quilt depends on what kind of quilt it is and what you are trying to memorialize. If your memory quilt is made up of baby clothes to commemorate your first child, then you might consider hanging it in the baby’s room or nursery. Make multiple memory quilts, one for each child, and give them away on their 18th birthday or when they move out. Hanging them up on a wall is the best way to keep them out of reach of children.

If your quilt is made out of the clothes and belongings of a loved one, particularly one who is deceased, then consider giving it to their spouse or displaying it at a family member’s house where everyone gathers often for holidays or special events.

Picture quilts are becoming more and more common—quilts where pictures you choose are printed onto pieces of fabric and turned into a basic square quilt that can be hung or laid out like a throw blanket. If you want these quilts to last, however, it’s recommended that you hang them on the wall in a shady spot. If you must wash them, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to make sure that the images aren’t compromised and don’t fade over time.

Generally speaking, you don’t want to put memory quilts anywhere that they can get stained or dirty. That is, don’t put them near the kitchen, don’t put them outside, and don’t put them anywhere where children can easily reach them. Unless you really want to, don’t use them as bed clothing either, as the daily wear and tear can degrade the quilt over time, much faster than if you were to make it a strictly decorative item. Particularly if a quilt is very old, one should take care to ensure that it is displayed in such a way that will preserve the quilt.


However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t make memory quilts that are designed to be used. Many people make memory quilts made out of t-shirts or other items of clothing to commemorate a road trip, traveling, or some other event to give to young people headed to college or moving out on their own. Denim quilts made from pairs of jeans collected over the years is another great gift for a young person as a denim quilt is a great way to make sure that the quilt you give them is nigh indestructible.

Memory quilts are unique works of art that can last a lifetime with the proper care and method of display.


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