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Easy Charm Pack Quilts

Charm Packs are 5 inch quilting squares sold in pre-cut coordinating packages. They’re one of many forms of pre-cut fabric bundles sold in many different shapes and they’re one of the most popular because they’re so easy to work with.

Charm Packs are one of the things that can cut time out of our article on how to make a patchwork blanket, but there are many other easy, creative ideas for Charm Pack quilts.

Boxes and Bows Table Runner – This festive table runner is perfect for the holidays, but in a different set of colors it’s perfect for birthdays and other events. You can even use parts of it to make matching placemats if you’re so inclined. The project is much easier than it looks, and table runners are a great way to display your quilting projects in a way everyone will appreciate.

Point of View – this colorful quilt is deceptively easy to make and can be made in two sizes – baby quilt size or adult quilt size. The fact that the fabric they use doesn’t have any patterns on it also means you can get creative with your quilting and use striking lines to make your quilt unique.

Fresh Diamonds – this is a slightly more complicated quilt that is still beginner level. The striking contrast of the heavily patterned fabrics against a white background provides plenty of visual appeal so it’s perfect for a baby quilt.

Step in Time Quilt – This sophisticated looking quilt is still really simple to make. This version is stitched in free-motion but you could easily quilt it any way you like for a different look.

Plus Quilt – This visually appealing quilt is easy and really fun. Though this pattern is for a baby quilt, you can easily increase its size to enjoy it for yourself. This type of quilt is a good example of the interesting things you didn’t know you can do with charm packs because it’s deceptively simple and great to look at. If you make a smaller version, it would make a great table runner or wall hanging.

Candy Stars Mini Quilt – This quilt looks great in solid colors but don’t be afraid to spruce it up with a patterned Charm Pack of your choosing. Other quilters have tried it and it looks really good. One of the great things about quilting is that you don’t have to choose the fabrics other people chose to make the same quilt. It’s really easy to personalize any quilting project with all the different prints and solids available to match any décor or personality.

There are plenty of other free ideas available all over the internet for all skill levels. If you’ve considered getting Charm Packs, or ended up with some because they’re an excellent gift, there are plenty of tutorials and ideas on the internet to help you make a quilted project you’ll love for years to come.

If you find yourself in love with Charm Packs, you might want to check out our article titled Great Quilt Pattern Ideas Using Moda Pre-Cut Fabrics. Stick with Quilting Ace for other great ideas for quilters of every skill level.

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