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How to Choose the Best Colors and Fabrics for Rustic Quilts

Something about rustic quilts just makes us feel so homey and comfortable. A big part of that comfort is the color schemes, which usually feature simple geometric shapes and natural prints. Rustic and country quilt patterns are often the best for new quilters and hand-quilters. They often utilize scraps to great effect and have the least waste in cutting fabric, particularly for basic patterns.

Best print choices

It’s important to make sure that if you’re choosing a rustic pattern, you pick a rustic fabric. Calico prints are particularly good for rustic or country quilts as they don’t draw the eye too much but still provide visual interest. Calico prints feature small nature motifs, usually flowers on a plain colored background. They have been popular for centuries. Calico fabric is a durable cotton fabric that is perfect for quilting.

Other good fabric choices include any kind of farm or animal prints that look rustic or old-fashioned. If you can find vintage or even older styles of printed fabric, more’s the better! These styles of quilts have an antique feel that will only look cuter with older styles of fabric and prints. Anything that looks block-printed or etched will work great. Highlight big patterns with big cuts. If your fabric has scenes and motifs on it, then it’s best to choose a pattern that will complement that pattern with large squares or pieces.

Best color choices

There are a few basic rules when it comes to choosing colors if you are looking to make an “authentic” country quilt.

It helps to keep your color scheme muted. Natural colors are preferred, such as deep reds, warm browns, and green tones. A common color scheme is the classic American red, white, and blue, particularly if you choose a dark, dusty blue and a slightly off-white. Reds and browns make a quilt feel warm and inviting. Greens tend to feel more masculine. Blues are feminine without being girly, and also work well for children’s quilts.

Best fabric choices

While you may be looking at brand new fabric with a longing eye, quilts are basically designed for spare fabric. Scraps are perfect for rustic country quilts provided they match and go with your “rustic” theme.

While cotton is the favorite choice of most quilters, this would be a great opportunity to use up your denim and corduroy scraps and savings! Provided your sewing machine or serger can handle these more dense fabrics, there are endless patterns for denim quilts that are quite durable! They can be used throughout the year as they provide warmth in the winter, yet are cool in the summer.

Jeans aren’t the only clothes that can be made into quilts. A charming trend in the modern quilting world is making qults out of old button-down shirts, which adds a cowboy-like aesthetic to your quilt.

Rustic quilts are a great way to add warmth and visual interest to your country-inspired home. Follow these tips and you’re sure to end up with a great quilt that will last for years to come.

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