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The Best Quilt Binding Methods

The actual meaning of the word “quilting” is to sew together the three layers of a blanket–the batting and the top and bottom fabric layers. Binding a quilt can often be the trickiest part, as it’s the part that involves the most work and care to ensure that the layers stay aligned properly. However, binding your quilt doesn’t have to be a huge pain–it can be a creative and enjoyable process, and there are several ways to bind your quilt layers depending on the look you want and the tools at your disposal.

Steps to ensure successful binding

To ensure correct binding, make sure you carefully align your quilt layers so that they are all centered and even. This is critical later as you don’t want to have to go back and cut, and binding methods like machine and hand quilting make undoing accidents difficult. Iron your quilt top and bottom to ensure that wrinkles won’t ruin your hard work.

Tying a quilt

The easiest way to bind the layers of your quilt is by simply tying them together with yarn. Using a sharp yarn or tapestry needle, threaded with yarn or ribbon of your choice, carefully bring the yarn through the layers of the quilt once or twice, making sure they’re secure, then tie it off carefully in a plain square knot. Snip the ends of the yarn or ribbon so that they are the length of your liking. Do this in no more than a six to an eight-inch grid, otherwise your batting will slip around and come undone. This is a super-fast way to finish a quilt with charming style, and is great for hand quilters who are tired of sewing and want to bind their quilts super- fast.

Machine quilting

Machine quilting is the fastest way to properly quilt your quilt. You must take great care to ensure that the layers of your quilt are even and won’t slip around. You must also make sure you have the right kind of sewing machine as not every sewing machine is right for every job. If you are planning to do a design in your quilt’s binding, don’t pull or push the fabric. Simply turn it and let the machine do all the hard work!

Hand quilting

Hand quilting is the most labor intensive method of binding a quilt. It takes ages, but creates a sturdier blanket. You will need a large quilting hoop and a stand to do your quilting. You will also need needles, thread, and a lot of patience! However, your patience will be rewarded when your quilt is done. Traditionally, quilts like Hawaiian quilts are often quilted by hand.

Once you’ve bound your quilt and put the trim on it, put it through a gentle wash to remove any dirt from your hands or your workstation. This will bring out the true vibrancy of the colors you chose, and will give you a chance to see whether your quilt needs any more work or repairs. If you have a line, air-drying is the gentlest, safest method of drying a quilt to ensure that it will last a long time. If you are giving this quilt as a gift, make sure to give it with washing instructions so that the recipient will be able to enjoy their quilt for many years to come!

With these quick quilt binding tips, you are sure to find the method that works best for you to bind your quilts and give you a great result at the end!

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