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7 Basic Steps for Making an Extraordinary T-Shirt Quilt

You have probably had at least one piece of memorabilia in your life that really makes people question how it could be special to you. It seems so normal and insignificant, but you just can’t seem to get rid of it.


Several small things we never expect to fall in love with can quickly become so sentimental. For example, a t-shirt.  Whether it is the t-shirt your dad used to wear when you both went to watch your favorite team play, or the t-shirt your parents bought you at Disney World, or maybe it is just one of your t-shirts from your college sorority or fraternity. Whatever the occasion is, there is a reason you have held on to the t-shirt for so long.


However, there can be a collection of sentimental t-shirts. They might demonstrate your senior year of high school or several trips you went on. But, even if they no longer fit, don’t just throw them away – use them! A great way to keep the memory of those t-shirts alive long after they are not being worn is to make a t-shirt quilt.


A t-shirt quilt is literally just a quilt made up of t-shirts. It is a very simple process and be an extraordinary quilt with a few simple steps:


  1. Put some thought into it. Consider what group of t-shirts are the most special to you, or whoever the quilt will before. Think about what makes those so special and how they will construct into a quilt. Also, make sure they are no longer being worn, you don’t want to cut up and sew a good shirt.
  2. Cut the shirts. You will not use the entire shirt – just cut off the sleeves to start leaving the main focus of the shirt and some extra material. You will cut this down later.
  3. Assemble the layout. Measure your shirts to see the variety of dimensions you have and then lay them out to position them how you want the blanket to look. You could use a small number of t-shirts, like 25, or a large number, like 70.
  4. Trim the shirts. Next, you will simply cut out the logo or whatever marking is on the shirt that shows why it is special. It could be someone’s name, a company logo, or a year and an event. But, be sure to see what size your largest logo is so you know to cut some extra fabric with the smaller ones to ensure they all line up correctly.
  5. Stabilize the shirts. Using a hot steam iron, add interface to the front of the shirts so the logos remain stabilized.
  6. Sew the strips. Sew the vertical strips, one at a time to combine all shirts on the outer edges.
  7. Finishing touches. Complete your quilt top and batting and backing just like normal. Lastly, follow up with sewing all three layers of the quilt together from the front using a thin needle.

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