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6 Places to Make a Profit from Crafting

One of the greatest things about crafting is the versatility it provides…

You can sew, paint, crochet, quilt and so much more. You can use yarn, fabric, thread – in any color, size, or material. The options just go on and on.

But, have you ever considered that crafting is also versatile in its purpose?

Crafting can be done as a pastime – just something you do when you’re bored – or it can be done to relieve stress, it can be done as a way to give people homemade gifts, or it can even be done as a part-time or full-time business.

It can be your side gig or it might even bring in enough to replace your job.

That’s right, you can turn your crafting into your very own home business.

From crocheted diaper covers to hand sewn dresses, people are always looking for a handmade and heartfelt gift to give someone or just one to sport themselves.


If you have mastered your craft and would like to make a little money, here are a few places you can use your craft to make a profit:


  1. Etsy.

    Etsy has become one of the most popular applications for selling and buying crafts. It is the best-known marketplace for craftspeople and artisans of all types to sell a variety of handmade crafts online.

    Using their easy platform, you can set up your very own online craft store which allows people to order items and pay online – all through Etsy. You can offer consumers just basic options such as size, or even down to customized products such as monogrammed items.

  2. iCraft.

    This marketplace is specifically for handmade items, which gives you the advantage of fewer items to compete with. For just $5 to $15 per month, you can sell your handmade products with no commission fee.

  3. ArtFire.

    This well-known indie marketplace offers crafters a great community to sell their products in. They do offer free accounts, but you can pay for an upgraded account with added benefits.

  4. I Made It Market.

    I Made It Market is not a platform you can directly sell on, but it does give you resources for places you can sell your crafts. On this application, you will find a directory of different craft events and fairs where you can go to sell your crafts.

  5. Bonanza.

    Using Bonanza, you can list your handmade products and have them automatically published to major buying channels such as Google Shopping.

    They also offer webstores built from user’s products listing to give you an idea of what other people are selling.

  6. Dewanda.

    On Dawanda, crafters can join a worldwide community of artisans and crafters. Once you sign up for an account, you can create your own collection for selling your products.

    With this platform, you can also interact with other crafters through the ability to leave comments or to join in on discussions taking place in forums and groups.


Now, get out there and start working on your side gig!

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