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6 Cute Ways to Embellish a Shirt

Sometimes an outfit just needs a little extra bling…

You might try adding a different handbag, some sparkly sandals, or different jewelry…

But, sometimes there is just something that it is still missing. The clothes themselves just need a little something. As a crafter, sometimes you can get a creative block and just can’t decide how to improve the look of the piece.

One great thing about crafting though is that there are almost always options. There are numerous ways to switch up the look of an outfit, and great ways to make it better suited to the client who will be wearing it.

Next time you are sewing are working on a shirt, or even a dress, for a client, consider embellishment. Embellishing is a great way to add a little sparkle, or an extra dimension to the clothing without completely the look of the article of clothing.


A few cute ways to embellish a shirt include:


  1. Add studs and rhinestones.

    For those who like to shine, studs and rhinestones are sure to make a piece stand out. Try adding a few to the shoulders to give it a glamorous look.

  2. Sew on some ribbon.

    Maybe bling isn’t quite the right fit for your piece – that’s okay. Instead, try adding some ribbon. You can add it as a cute little bow in the spot where a pocket would be – this would be great for a little girl.

    It could also be used to create a flowing design down the front for a more mature client.

  3. Keep it sassy with tassels and chains.

    Right now, the millennial generation loves to keep it interesting and edgy. Try adding some tassels and/or chains to give the clothing that edgy, but still sophisticated look that women in their young 20’s are going for.

  4. Keep it simple with lace.

    Lace is a simple, yet very elegant touch to clothing. It gives it a vintage look, while still adding a pop to the outfit. The incredible detail of the lace is sure to make the piece an eye catcher.

  5. Jazz it up with a doily cutout cover.

    You know, like the doily your grandma kept on her table. It sounds quite interesting, but it really makes for an elegant and slightly riskier look. Try cutting out a section of the back of the shirt for an open-back look and then cover it with a doily for just enough covering to leave something to the imagination.

  6. Throw on a few sparkly sequins.

    Sequins are another style that is popular among the younger generation. Those sparkly shoulders that were popular back in the day are making a comeback this year. By adding a large mass of sequins on each shoulder or sleeve you give the shirt just enough sparkle to stand out but not so much that the person wearing it can be seen from a mile away.


Don’t be afraid to add a little embellishment to any piece you create. The options are endless – you can make it flashy and sassy or keep it elegant and simple.

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