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5 Tips for a Lightweight Summer Quilt

When a quilt comes to mind, you probably think of a thick, warm blanket that is best used when cozied up on the couch next to the fire on a cold, winter day. I’m sure the last thing that comes to your mind is hanging out under a quilt on a late night in July. But, quilts are versatile and can be made specifically for any season – even summer.


So, even though the summer months are upon us, don’t store your quilt-making tools for the season – check out how to make your new quilt lightweight and summer-friendly. With our summer-quilt making tips, you can enjoy the coziness of your favorite blankets all year around.


A lightweight summer quilt still has all the charm and comfort of a winter quilt but will keep you just the perfect temperature for a warm summer night. There are several ways to make a quilt “summer-ready” without sacrificing any of the beauty of your normal quilt creations.


When you mention a summer quilt, most quilters will just make a quilt without the batting – just quilting together a quilt top and two sheets or a quilt top and batting fabric. While this is one way to make a summer quilt, other methods can provide a cozier option.


Try substituting your batting for flannel.


The great snuggle factor provided by flannel is often perfect those warm summer nights. Another added benefit to flannel is that the various colors will keep the front and back of the quilt from showing through on the other side, distorting the true beauty of your creation.


Consider lightweight batting.


There are several lightweight options on the market, however, some will not be as warm as others so you will need to base it off how warm you want the quilt to be – some fabric will be more like a top sheet as far as warmth. One good option to consider is cotton, but it will not be the coolest. Try going with a mixed blend – such as cotton, bamboo, and silk – it will offer a lighter batting as it is not all cotton but the cotton does breathe much more than other fabrics typically used in quilting.


Look for fabrics made especially for summer.


While you can use some different materials which are naturally lighter, there are also companies who make specific fabric which is intended for a lighter quilt – such as a summer one. Some fabrics are made to be lighter, thinner and cooler than others.


As always with quilting, there are several different routes you could go when making a summer quilt. It is all about your personal preference and the warmth factor you are looking for. No one method is better than the other – some people prefer flannel batting while others prefer just to have no batting at all. Whichever one you choose, just work your magic and enjoy your stunning summer quilt, great for those late summer nights spent out by the warm bonfire.


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