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3 Mistakes Beginner Sewers Make and How to Avoid Them

Sewing is both a relaxing and productive pastime. It almost provides some form of emotional therapy as you work your hands through the fabric, relieving stress, and creating a beautiful masterpiece.

The preciseness of the needle movement, the fragile-ness of the stitches – it really is an art that many fail to master. There are those who are simply never brave enough to even give it a try and then those who jump ahead of themselves and put all their eggs in one basket.

Sewing is an art and a craft, it is a skill that is learned and not one that just develops overnight. It takes a desire to learn and the patience to overcome your mistakes.

However, many newbies find themselves with an expensive sewing machine, an abundance of thread, and no idea what they are doing. They begin to try their first piece and immediately run into issues and become stuck.

That is the point where most people give up.

If you are a beginning sewer, starting for the first time, or you are a new sewer who recently gave up, consider taking a look at this article.


Here, you will learn a few of the top mistakes made by beginner sewers and how to avoid them:


  1. Mistake: Using the wrong sewing tool for the job.Sometimes in an effort to save money, other times just as a pure lack of knowledge, beginner’s will use a tool other than the suggested one to try and complete a project. However, it can make the project much harder than it is intended to be.

    How to avoid it: Instead, pay close attention to what the project specifically states you should use. If you do not have it on hand, thoroughly research an alternative, preferably only trusting methods with numerous positive reviews. Or, even ask a sewing friend if they would be willing to let you borrow the tool if they have it on hand.

  2. Mistake: Buying too much inventory before you’ve even begun your first project.Don’t get “sale happy” and buy everything in sight. Sales come and go – you will be able to find it on sale again later if needed. This leaves you with a closet full of materials you might never even use. And, sometimes you can even find those 99 cent patterns online for free.

    How to avoid it: Make a list ahead of time and stick to it. Only buy what you need for that specific project, regardless of a sale, to ensure that you have more space and money for if additional materials are needed later on. And, always begin your search for materials and patterns online to see what deals or freebies you can score.

  3. Mistake: Buying patterns according to your ready-to-wear size. You will be sadly disappointed when you need a few sizes bigger.

How to avoid it: Keep in mind that the fashion industry and the sewing industry use different measurement standards and they are not even closely related to each other. Don’t be alarmed when you have to buy a bigger size, it is just a difference in industry not a negative reflection on you. Focus on measurements rather than pattern size.

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